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Castledown was founded in 2017 in an effort to work towards academic equality by providing the highest quality research publications and to make them as accessible as possible to everyone—be they students, academics, or in industry—all over the world. We are a new publisher, but we remain independent and seek out titles to meet the needs of readers rather than for profit-making. We have offices in Melbourne, London, Tokyo, and New York, meaning that we provide authors with an international distribution network for all titles that we publish.

Our Commitment to Quality in Publishing

Any work that is published must go through a review process by both internal editors and independent external specialists in the field. All reviewers are selected by experienced senior academics in the respective fields, and we are proud of the finished product of everything that we publish. We believe it is the duty of the publisher as much as it is of the author to ensure that quality is maintained at all times, and we will always strive to our utmost to achieve this. We abide by the core practices outlined by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), and will not tolerate any form of academic dishonesty or inappropriate practice.

We conduct biennial independent external reviews on all publications, including every journal and book title, to ensure that we are keeping our promises regarding publication quality. Although we endeavour to make sure that nothing will get published in the first place unless it meets our standards, if there are any areas where we find shortcomings, we will take measures to improve upon these immediately.

At Castledown, we strive to ensure that our publications are synonymous with quality, fairness, and openness, so that all authors of publications that carry our name can be assured that they are getting the very best that we can offer, and that the Castledown brand is one that they can be proud to be associated with.

Recent Publishing Webinars

David Nunan
Dr. David Nunan: How to Publish Your Academic Book

Selected Book Titles

Becoming a language teacher

Becoming a language teacher
A practical guide to second language learning and teaching
2nd ed.
Elaine Horwitz (2020)

Elaine K. Horwitz gives pre- and in-service teachers the skills they need to meet the needs of all language learners in today's diverse classrooms-while encouraging them to develop a personal approach... [more]

Natalie Shaw: Maps and bodies

Natalie Shaw: Maps and bodies
Jane Stockwell (2021)

Natalie Shaw is an architect, and her idea of excitement is enjoying a coffee after a long day at work. Little did she know that a blood-stained map in a fortune cookie and a body in a building she designed ... [more]

Insights into technology and autonomy in language teaching

Insights into technology and autonomy in language teaching
Chun Lai (2022)

This book aims to provide a critical analysis of the relationship of technology and learner and teacher autonomy, highlighting two major principles: 1) technology is not neutral and may both benefit and ... [more]

Most Read Journal Articles

Translanguaging as transmediation: Embodied critical literacy engagements in a French-English bilingual classroom
Sunny Man Chu Lau
Australian Journal of Applied Linguistics
Published 30 April, 2020, Volume 3(1), pp. 42–59.

Designing a course in intercultural education
Adrian Holliday
Intercultural Communication Education
Published 11 August, 2018, Volume 1(1), pp. 4–11.

A developmental framework for online language teaching skills
Ursula Stickler, Regine Hampel, Martina Emke
Australian Journal of Applied Linguistics
Published 30 April, 2020, Volume 3(1), pp. 133–151.

Introduction to the special issue
Julie Choi, Mei French, Sue Ollerhead
Australian Journal of Applied Linguistics
Published 30 April, 2020, Volume 3(1), pp. 1–10.

Language learning and activation in and beyond the classroom
Julie Choi, David Nunan
Australian Journal of Applied Linguistics
Published 31 August, 2018, Volume 1(2), pp. 49–63.

Our Journals

All of our journals have their own independent editorial boards that ensure quality of the articles that are published, and all published issues are submitted for inclusion in recognised indexing agencies. Our titles are already indexed in the MLA International Bibliography, ERIC, EBSCO, and Scopus.

Why Publish with Us?

Deciding where to publish your hard work is difficult given the wide range of options available in this modern world. This is why we believe that we can provide the best for you.

Working with Authors as Partners

We don't believe that publishers should impose their own agenda on authors, and the wishes of authors should be reflected in the final product as much as possible.

Streamlined Production Process

Once your completed manuscript has been received, we will ensure a prompt production process, with copy editing and layout completed within 2-3 months.

Reasonable, Sustainable Prices

Whether a regular publication or open access, we strive to keep all of our products at the most reasonable prices possible, while at the same time ensuring sustainability.

Making Your Publication Visible Around the World

Our global network means that your publications can be read by more people, helping you to expand your international exposure. All of our journals are exclusively online and open access, and our global distribution offices make your book available anywhere in the world.

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