Insights into flipped classrooms
Insights into flipped classrooms

Adrian Leis (2022)


This book is aimed at pedagogy students interested in the flipped learning method as well as language teachers who are considering or are already incorporating flipped learning in their classes. The book is broken down into three main parts. First, I will look at a description of flipped learning, with a clear definition of what flipped learning is and what it is not. Part 2 of the book focuses on flipped learning, specifically in language education, covering research and pedagogical implications related to the four language skills and various teaching methods, such as task-based language teaching and content-based language teaching. The final part of the book is aimed primarily at researchers, both those with experience and those who are just starting out. It includes a series of vignettes of studies that investigated the effects of flipped learning as well as suggestions on how these studies could be replicated and lead to further research.

Book Information
Series: Language Teaching Insights
ISBN (paper): 978-1-914291-10-4
Imprint: Castledown Publishers
Place of Publication: London
Number of Pages: TBA
Language: English
Primary Field: Languages & Linguistics
Publication Date: 30 August, 2022 (Coming Soon)