Insights into teaching and learning writing

Insights into teaching and learning writing
A practical guide for early-career teachers

Edited by Hassan Mohebbi (2022)

Writing is one of the most challenging skills for a language learner to acquire due its sheer complexity, and language teachers are faced with a demanding task in the teaching and testing of writing. A great deal of research on different aspects of writing has been carried out to date, however despite the abundance of publications in this field, few books aim to offer insights into teaching and learning writing for early career teachers that shed light on writing instruction in jargon-free discourse. This book aims to fill this perceived gap through presenting relevant conceptual and theoretical frameworks of second language writing research and shedding light on the implications of the recent research findings in a clear and practice-oriented style. In this way, it is intended as a companion book for language teachers who include writing as a part of their courses, in particular, new teachers as they embark on their teaching careers.

Series: Language Teaching Insights
ISBN (paper): TBA
Imprint: Castledown Publishers
Place of Publication: London
Number of Pages: TBA
Language: English
Primary Field: Languages & Linguistics
Publication Date: 31 July, 2022 (expected)