Regular Articles

A corpus-based system of error detection and revision suggestion for Spanish learners in Taiwan: A case study
Hui-Chuan Lu, Yu-Hsin Chu, Cheng-Yu Chang
Published: 31 August, 2013, Volume 9(2), pp. 115–130. Download PDF

Students’ perceptions and learning outcomes of online writing using discussion boards
Brian Nielsen
Published: 31 August, 2013, Volume 9(2), pp. 131–147. Download PDF

Implementing mobile-assisted language learning (MALL) in an EFL context: Iranian EFL teachers’ perspectives on challenges and affordances
Reza Dashtestani
Published: 31 August, 2013, Volume 9(2), pp. 149–168. Download PDF

Effects of Blackboard on EFL academic writing and attitudes
Abdulaziz Fageeh, Mohamed Amin A. Mekheimer
Published: 31 August, 2013, Volume 9(2), pp. 169–196. Download PDF


Gauge of readiness for Internet-based language learning: An 800-pound GORILLa
Tylor Burrows, David Stepanczuk
Published: 31 August, 2013, Volume 9(2), pp. 197–217. Download PDF

Other Articles in this Journal:

(Mis)use of e-mail in student-faculty interaction: Implications for university instruction in Germany, Saudi Arabia and Japan
Anna Danielewicz-Betz
Published: 30 April, 2013, Volume 9(1), pp. 23–57. Download PDF

3D digital games, virtual worlds, and language learning in higher education: Continuing challenges in Japan
Robert Swier, Mark Peterson
Published: 31 December, 2018, Volume 14(3), pp. 225–238. Download PDF

A Case for the Drupal Content Management System
Paul Collett
Published: 30 April, 2010, Volume 6(1), pp. 57–66. Download PDF

A case study of using Facebook in an EFL English writing class: The perspective of a writing teacher
Li-Tang Yu
Published: 31 December, 2014, Volume 10(3), pp. 189–202. Download PDF

A comparative analysis of face to face instruction vs. Telegram mobile instruction in terms of narrative writing
Jamshid Heidari, Farzaneh Khodabandeh, Hassan Soleimani
Published: 31 August, 2018, Volume 14(2), pp. 143–156. Download PDF

A comparison of computer-mediated peer corrective feedback between high and low-proficiency learners in a Japanese EFL writing classroom
Bradley D. F. Colpitts, Travis Hunter Past
Published: 31 August, 2019, Volume 15(2), pp. 23–39. Download PDF

A cross-cultural comparison of students’ perceptions of IT use in higher education
Kurtis McDonald
Published: 31 December, 2012, Volume 8(3), pp. 253–263. Download PDF

A new perspective of CALL software for English perceptual training in pronunciation instruction
Fei-Hsuan Liao
Published: 31 August, 2010, Volume 6(2), pp. 85–102. Download PDF

A pedagogy-driven approach to the design of a medical abbreviations videogame: Brevissima
Amanda Muller, Jodie Price
Published: 31 December, 2012, Volume 8(3), pp. 147–163. Download PDF

A preliminary study of the effect of WebQuests on the writing performance of Saudi female EFL elementary school students
Meshail M. Almasri, Hind Alfadda, Yousif A. Alshumaimeri
Published: 31 December, 2011, Volume 7(3), pp. 373–390. Download PDF