Becoming a Language Teacher (2nd ed)

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A practical guide to second language learning and teaching
2nd ed.

Elaine K. Horwitz (2020)


Elaine K. Horwitz gives pre- and in-service teachers the skills they need to meet the needs of all language learners in today’s diverse classrooms-while encouraging them to develop a personal approach to language teaching. Using a warm, supportive tone, the author clearly explains the fundamental concepts of second language acquisition and language teaching. A much-needed resource at a time when it is critical for all mainstream teachers to focus on language, this guide describes how to develop language for academic needs as well as for communication purpose and addresses the latest trends in language teaching.

1 review for Becoming a Language Teacher (2nd ed)

  1. Patty3108

    I used the earlier version of this book in my MA classes at university but lost it when I moved house a few years ago. This book is a great guide, and helped me a lot early in my language teaching career. This new version is the same book, but printed in much better quality than the old one. Definitely will not lose this one!

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