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At Castledown Publishers, we realise that professionals need to keep ahead of new developments in their respective fields on an ongoing basis. We have just started our new range of books for teachers of all levels, managers, therapists, architects, economists, software designers, or virtually any field where people would like to further their professional knowledge and skills.

If you are interested in writing a book that would be useful to professionals, please feel free to contact us on professional@castledown.com. We would be more than happy to provide any advice and help guide you in putting a proposal together.

Latest Titles

Global Fitness for Global People

Global Fitness for Global People
How to Manage and Leverage Cultural Diversity at Work
Helen Spencer-Oatey, Peter Franklin, Domna Lazidou (2022)

Global Fitness for Global People is for all those wanting to thrive in today’s global workplaces and to flourish in culturally diverse contexts. For this you need Global Fitness. Such competence ... [more]

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Rose Zhang
Commissioning Editor
Castledown Publishers, New York Office