Global leadership at work

Global leadership at work
The global fitness approach

Helen Spencer-Oatey, Peter Franklin, Domna Lazidou (2021)

Workplaces are increasingly ‘going global,' with growing numbers of multicultural and multilingual employees and with widespread international liaison (for sales, joint projects and so on). Success in this context – for leaders as well as all staff – requires skill in bridging comfort zone boundaries. Such ‘global fitness’ does not develop by chance; it needs to be fostered by both the organisation and the individuals themselves. Using the easily remembered fitness metaphor, this book explains the characteristics of successful global leaders and how their skills and qualities can be developed. It uses the Global Fitness approach to do this – an academically robust framework that provides a clear and accessible route into the topic of leading effectively and appropriately when working with people who have different communication styles, patterns of working, relational expectations, and so on. Each chapter uses authentic examples to illustrate the boundaries, draws on state-of-the-art research to explain the key issues, and offers reflective guidelines and activities for professional development purposes. The book is essential reading for all those who are leading, managing or working in culturally diverse and/or international situations. For all those wanting to thrive in today’s world of multiple diversities, it provides the keys to building personal and professional success.

ISBN (paper): 978-0-6481844-3-0
Publisher: Castledown Publishers
Place of Publication: New York
Number of Pages: TBA
Language: English
Publication Date: 20 December, 2021 (expected)