English language teaching and learning has become one of the largest growth areas in the world, as English has taken on a strong role as a lingua franca in many fields. The Castledown ELT series is looking for textbooks for learners of all age and proficiency levels, including entry-level through to advanced, as well as English for Academic Purposes (EAP), English for Specific Purposes (ESP), Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL), and so forth.

All textbook proposals should be directed to textbooks@castledown.com, and should include the proposed title, target audience, an overview of all chapters/units, a short biodata of the author(s), and a description of how this differs from existing books on the market.

Textbooks in this Series

Professional academic writing

Professional academic writing
Phuong Tran (2018)

Professional Academic Writing is designed to provide learners of English with the tools they need to write an academic essay comfortably and confidently. The book is in six parts: Preparing to write an ... [more]