Our goal is to provide quality academic publications that are priced fairly and sustainably in the fields of humanities and the social sciences, education and policy, and language teaching and learning. We publish academic books and journals, professional books, textbooks, and we will be releasing our new non-academic imprint, CDG Books very shortly.

Our journal publications are all open access and available to readers around the world for free regardless of their socioeconomic situations. Our books are produced using the most reasonable costings that we can but without sacrificing quality. In more affluent countries, libraries pay for rather expensive subscriptions from major publishing conglomerates which academics in these institutions can benefit from, but there are numerous academics from institutions in less developed countries that simply do not have the financial ability to pay for these subscriptions.

It is our goal to produce high quality publications that are produced and priced fairly for everyone so that people in academia or in industry, full-time and part-time students, people who are considering further study, or just people who wish to better themselves can access them.

Our Dedication to Quality

We are aware of the image that is often associated with open access journals as vanity publishing or lower quality, but we are strongly opposed to this with our publications. Books will only be published once they have been through a stringent review process, and all of our journals have their own independent editorial boards that ensure quality of the articles that are published, and all published issues are submitted for inclusion in recognised indexing agencies.

Castledown has zero tolerance for plagiarism or inappropriate practice in conducting or disseminating research, and we will pursue all legal options open to us should such instances be found. 

Selected Books & Journal Articles

Academic Books

Becoming a language teacher

Becoming a language teacher
A practical guide to second language learning and teaching
2nd ed.
Elaine K. Horwitz (2020)

Elaine K. Horwitz gives pre- and in-service teachers the skills they need to meet the needs of all language learners in today's diverse classrooms-while encouraging them to develop a personal approach... [more]

Megatrends in education

Megatrends in education
Beata L. Webb (2021)

The studies of trends in education are often undertaken by governments and national educational institutions with a global reach such as the Centre for Global Higher Education or British Council in the ... [more]

Insights into technology and autonomy in language teaching

Insights into technology and autonomy in language teaching
Chun Lai (2022)

This book aims to provide a critical analysis of the relationship of technology and learner and teacher autonomy, highlighting two major principles: 1) technology is not neutral and may both benefit and ... [more]

Professional Books

Coming soon!


Professional academic writing

Professional academic writing
Phuong Tran (2018)

Professional Academic Writing is designed to provide learners of English with the tools they need to write an academic essay comfortably and confidently. The book is in six parts: Preparing to write an ... [more]

Academic Journals

Storyboarding-based collaborative narratives on Google Docs: Fostering EFL learners’ writing fluency, syntactic complexity, and overall performance
Marwa F. Hafour, Al-Shaimaa M. Al-Rashidy
Published 16 December, 2020, Volume 16(3), pp. 123-146. Download PDF

The effects of digital scaffolding on adolescent English reading in Japan: An experimental study on visual-syntactic text formatting
Sachiko Ozaki, Isao Ueda
Published 16 December, 2020, Volume 16(3), pp. 147-166. Download PDF

Virtual reality in education: The promise, progress, and challenge
Ryan Lege, Euan Bonner
Published 16 December, 2020, Volume 16(3), pp. 167-180. Download PDF

Officer reports
Published 16 December, 2020, Volume 16(3), p. 181. Download PDF

Engagement beyond a tour guide approach: Korean and US elementary school students' intercultural telecollaboration
Soojin Kim
Intercultural Communication Education Published 23 December, 2020, Volume 3(3), pp. 99-117. Download PDF

In pursuit of intercultural competence: Exploring self-awareness of EFL pupils in a lower-secondary school in Norway
Anastasia Khanukaeva
Intercultural Communication Education Published 23 December, 2020, Volume 3(3), pp. 118-140. Download PDF

Gender-inclusivity and gender-neutrality in foreign language teaching: The case of French
Hugues Peters
Australian Journal of Applied Linguistics Published 28 December, 2020, Volume 3(3), pp. 183-195. Download PDF

Intelligibility of L2 speech in ELF
Paul Lochland
Australian Journal of Applied Linguistics Published 28 December, 2020, Volume 3(3), pp. 196-212. Download PDF