At Castledown, we publish books in three main areas: academic books, textbooks, and fiction and non-fiction titles through our new non-academic imprint, CDG Books.

Academic Books

Our academic books go through a stringent review process by internal and external reviewers to ensure that titles meet our high standards and meet the needs of the target audience. Titles may be published either individually or as a part of our book series.

Becoming a language teacher

Becoming a language teacher
A practical guide to second language learning and teaching
2nd ed.
Elaine K. Horwitz (2020)

Elaine K. Horwitz gives pre- and in-service teachers the skills they need to meet the needs of all language learners in today's diverse classrooms-while encouraging them to develop a personal approach... [more]

Insights into technology and autonomy in language teaching

Insights into technology and autonomy in language teaching
Chun Lai (2022)

This book aims to provide a critical analysis of the relationship of technology and learner and teacher autonomy, highlighting two major principles: 1) technology is not neutral and may both benefit and ... [more]


We believe that textbooks should be affordable for students, but without sacrificing quality in both content or manufacturing. As with all of our publications at Castledown, textbooks go through a stringent review and editing process to ensure that they are meet our standards.

Professional academic writing

Professional academic writing
Phuong Tran (2018)

Professional Academic Writing is designed to provide learners of English with the tools they need to write an academic essay comfortably and confidently. The book is in six parts: Preparing to write an ... [more]

CDG Books

This is the newest addition to our range of book titles, and we publish novels, novellas, non-fiction, essays, and opinion pieces. Genres include but are not limited to young adult fiction, science fiction, fantasy, crime, and thriller.