Our range of open access journals commenced from April 2018, and we are currently receiving manuscripts for all of our titles. Every manuscript submitted to a Castledown journal must go through a rigorous double-blind international peer-review process, and only manuscripts that meet the expectations of the respective editors will be published.

All of our journals have their own independent editorial boards that ensure quality of the articles that are published, and all published issues are submitted for inclusion in recognised indexing agencies. Our titles are already indexed in the MLA International Bibliography, the Directory of Open Access Journals, ERIC, and EBSCO. More information about open access publishing in our journals is available from here.

Languages & Linguistics Journals:

Most Downloaded Articles:

Should Standard Arabic have “the lion’s share?”: Teacher ideologies in L2 Arabic through the lens of pedagogical translanguaging
Mahmoud Azaz, Yousra Abourehab
Intercultural Communication Education Published 19 April, 2021, Volume 4(1), 90–105. Download PDF

Reframing and hospicing mobility in higher education: Challenges and possibilities
Adriana Raquel Diaz, Marisa Cordella, Samantha Dispray, Barbara E. Hanna, Anna Mikhaylova
Intercultural Communication Education Published 19 April, 2021, Volume 4(1), 106–121. Download PDF

Intercultural education in times of restricted travel: Lessons from the Gaza Strip
Maria Grazia Imperiale
Intercultural Communication Education Published 19 April, 2021, Volume 4(1), 22–38. Download PDF

Engagement with technology: Gaming, immersion and sub-optimal experiences
Alastair Henry, Cecilia Thorsen
Technology in Language Teaching & Learning Published 21 December, 2019, Volume 1(2), 52–67. Download PDF

Insights from replication on the factors affecting task engagement in mobile-based learning activities
Glenn Stockwell
Technology in Language Teaching & Learning Published 28 June, 2019, Volume 1(1), 33–51. Download PDF

Creating translingual teaching resources based on translanguaging grammar rules and pedagogical practices
Corinne A. Seals, Vincent Olsen-Reeder, Russell Pine, Madeline Ash, Cereace Wallace
Australian Journal of Applied Linguistics Published 30 April, 2020, Volume 3(1), 115–132. Download PDF

Errors by Simpson and Dervin (2019) in their description of the Council of Europe’s Reference Framework of Competences for Democratic Culture
Martyn Barrett, Michael Byram
Intercultural Communication Education Published 25 August, 2020, Volume 3(2), 75–95. Download PDF

Intelligent personal assistants for autonomous second language learning: An investigation of Alexa
Gilbert Dizon, Daniel Tang
Intercultural Communication Education Published 31 August, 2020, Volume 16(2), 107–120. Download PDF