At Castledown, we publish books in four main areas: academic books, professional development books, textbooks, and fiction and non-fiction titles through our new non-academic imprint, CDG Books.

Academic Books

Our academic books go through a stringent review process by internal and external reviewers to ensure that titles meet our high standards and meet the needs of the target audience. Titles may be published either individually or as a part of our book series.

Languages & Linguistics

Becoming a language teacher

Becoming a language teacher
A practical guide to second language learning and teaching
2nd ed.
Elaine Horwitz (2020)

Elaine K. Horwitz gives pre- and in-service teachers the skills they need to meet the needs of all language learners in today's diverse classrooms-while encouraging them to develop a personal approach... [more]

Smart CALL

Smart CALL
Personalization, contextualization, & socialization
Jozef Colpaert, Glenn Stockwell (Eds.) (2022)

This book brings together some thought-provoking papers around the theme of “Smart CALL.” The term “smart” nowadays means “connected to and exchanging information with other devices.” The contributions ... [more]

Insights into professional development in language teaching

Insights into professional development in language teaching
Thomas S.C. Farrell (2022)

A language teacher's work is never really done. From entering a teacher education program for initial qualifications onwards, language teachers must always be on the lookout for new approaches, methods ... [more]

Proceedings of the XXIst International CALL Research Conference

Proceedings of the XXIst International CALL Research Conference
Jozef Colpaert, Yijen Wang, Glenn Stockwell (Eds.) (2022)

The XXIst International CALL Research Smart Conference was hosted by Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan on July 8-10, 2022. The theme of the conference was Smart CALL, where “Smart” is defined as possessing ... [more]

Insights into task-based language teaching

Insights into task-based language teaching
Sima Khezrlou (2022)

The last few decades have seen an exponential growth in the use of task-based language teaching (TBLT) around the world. Departing from the traditional approaches to language teaching, TBLT offers the... [more]

Education & Policy

Coming soon!

Professional Development Books

Books for professionals that need to keep ahead of new developments in their respective fields on an ongoing basis. We have just started our new range of books for teachers of all levels, managers, therapists, architects, economists, software designers, or virtually any field where people would like to further their professional knowledge.

Global Fitness for Global People

Global Fitness for Global People
How to Manage and Leverage Cultural Diversity at Work
Helen Spencer-Oatey, Peter Franklin, Domna Lazidou (2022)

Global Fitness for Global People is for all those wanting to thrive in today’s global workplaces and to flourish in culturally diverse contexts. For this you need Global Fitness. Such competence ... [more]


We believe that textbooks should be affordable for students, but without sacrificing quality in both content or manufacturing. As with all of our publications at Castledown, textbooks go through a stringent review and editing process to ensure that they are meet our standards.

Professional Academic Writing

Professional Academic Writing
Phuong Tran (2018)

Professional Academic Writing is designed to provide learners of English with the tools they need to write an academic essay comfortably and confidently. The book is in six parts: Preparing to write an ... [more]

CDG Books

This is the newest addition to our range of book titles, and we publish novels, novellas, non-fiction, essays, and opinion pieces. Genres include but are not limited to young adult fiction, science fiction, fantasy, crime, and thriller.


The Indie Musician's Guidebook
Achieving your goals as an independent musician in the modern world
Benedict Roff-Marsh (2022)

The Indie Musician’s Guidebook is designed to help you find the right mindset and path to travel as you write, record, and publish your music. Oh, and that marketing thing too. If it so happens ... [more]

Young Adult Fiction

Natalie Shaw: Maps and Bodies

Natalie Shaw: Maps and Bodies
Jane Stockwell (2021)

Natalie Shaw is an architect, and her idea of excitement is enjoying a coffee after a long day at work. Little did she know that a blood-stained map in a fortune cookie and a body in a building she designed ... [more]