Language learning through music: A critical review of Lirica




Section: Software Reviews


  • Ibrahim Halil Topal Email ORCiD Gazi University, Türkiye


The past decade has been the heyday of mobile-assisted language learning (MALL), with increased use of mobile applications (apps) as learning platforms. Despite the central focus of mobile apps on particular language skills such as vocabulary (e.g., Duolingo) and pronunciation (e.g., BoldVoice), few have factored in both learners and teachers. Lirica is an engaging mobile app that fosters language learning through songs in five languages. Given the pedagogical and psychological affordances of songs and the personalized learning environment offered by mobile apps, this tech review seeks to present an overview of the Lirica app and its potential for language learning while tackling its limitations.

Keywords: Lirica, mobile-assisted language learning, mobile apps, music, songs

Suggested Citation:

Topal, I. H. (2024). Language learning through music: A critical review of Lirica . Technology in Language Teaching & Learning, 6(2), 1–8.


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