The difficulties hindering EFL teachers from using metaphor-based teaching




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  • Youness Boussaid Email ORCiD School of Languages and Applied Linguistics, Portsmouth University, UK


This paper aims to assess the knowledge of metaphor-based teaching among teachers by investigate the obstacles that hinder them from incorporating metaphor-based teaching into their instructional strategies. This study makes use of a questionnaire to collect data from EFL teachers worldwide. The results show that the difficulties most faced by teachers when using metaphor-based teaching include the unsuitability of the topic, the difficulty of the topic, the unavailability of materials, time constraints, extra workload, and metaphor-based teaching not fitting students’ expectations and needs. The research also touches on some countermeasures to deal with the difficulties teachers face when using metaphor-based approach. The results indicate the importance of reevaluating teacher training programs and refocusing teachers' instructional efforts on incorporating metaphor-based teaching, which is often overlooked and not fully acknowledged in language classrooms.

Keywords: conceptual metaphors, Contemporary Theory of Metaphor, teaching difficulty, English teaching, metaphor-based teaching

Suggested Citation:

Boussaid, Y. (2024). The difficulties hindering EFL teachers from using metaphor-based teaching. Australian Journal of Applied Linguistics, 7(2), 1–16.


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